G.1.M Sport

What it is: G.1.M Sport by BPN is an endurance supplement with carbohydrates and electrolytes to fuel, hydrate, and improve performance while training.

Why use it: G.1.M Sport was created using a fast-digesting carbohydrate called Cluster Dextrin®, allowing a sustained release of energy without a sudden spike in blood sugar. It also contains a complete profile of electrolytes so you can maintain appropriate hydration levels to maximize performance.

When to drink it: Drink one serving per hour of exercise to refuel with carbohydrates and replenish the electrolytes lost during training sessions. G.1.M can be used before, during, or after training.

How to make it: Add 1 scoop to 15-20 oz of water and mix.

Who can benefit from it: If you’re an athlete or enjoy partaking in intense exercise, and suffer from under-fueling… then G.1.M Sport is for you!

Grab one of two tasty flavors [Fruit Punch or Lemon Lime] that provide the right mix of carbs and electrolytes to fuel your training.

G.1.M is Informed Sport certified and tested for prohibited substances.

To start fueling your endurance activities, you can use my direct link to the BPN website.

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