Supplementing With Caffeine

If caffeine is the base of your food pyramid, read on…

Caffeine can:⁣
Increase your output during and after your workouts.⁣
Decrease your appetite.⁣
Increase your blood circulation.⁣
Decrease your pain threshold.⁣
And make you an all around bad*ss!⁣

Ideally, you’d focus on nutrition, sleep, and recovery before relying completely on caffeine. But I think most of us enjoy supplementing with it!⁣

I like to have caffeine about an hour before I train, either in a preworkout [Flight] or cognitive enhancer [In Focus].⁣

I definitely suggest using the minimal effective dose when it comes to supplementing with caffeine.⁣

For you that might mean saving caffeine for your hardest sessions, only using a half scoop of preworkout, or skipping it completely on your rest days. ⁣

Lastly, try to cut off caffeine at least 5 hours before bed. The recovery you’ll get during sleep is just as important as the workout itself!

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