What is a NSV?

It’s like a NFT, except not at all.⁣ NSV stands for non-scale victory.

Because the scale isn’t your only measure of progress.

Wins like, better sleep, hunger, digestion, recovery, energy, stress, habits, routines, etc. all add up! I ask my clients about their biofeedback markers every week, because those NSVs matter!⁣

Which form of progress is more important to you?⁣
⁣Your clothes fitting better, lifting more weight, having more energy, with the scale staying the same?⁣ OR have the scale decrease by 5 lbs while having no energy, high stress, terrible sleep, extreme hunger, and wrecked digestion?⁣

If you opted for the second option, then the Warrior Program might not be for you.⁣

If you’re ready to start stacking NSVs send me a message and we’ll talk!

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