Stress… we can’t avoid it, we all go through it, and we’re all responsible for how we respond to it.⁣

A lot of us tend to sabotage when we’re stressed out… and holidays can bring a lot of that!⁣

Remember, indulging in cookies may bring you a little relief but it’s not going to manage your overall stress.

So here’s four things to consider:

1. Your Attitude ⁣

We all have the ability to choose positivity. Is that the easiest choice? No. but it’s Still

a choice.

2. Your Training

If you’re Stressed, go to the gym! lIfting can help reduce stress, anXiety, and even depression.

3. Your Nutrition

If you’re body is physicalLy stressed from poor nutrition, you’re actually more lIkely to get hit with sickness & burnout.

4. Your Rest

It’s part of the program! Make time to unplug, and even enjoy some New hobbies. Having an outlet will help you handle stressful situations.

When stress hits, don’t give up all the things [training, nutrition, mindset] that make you feel your best, just give yourself some grace while staying accountable to your goals. ⁣

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