Coaching Check-Ins

Ever wonder why coaches want you to check-in each week?
It’s part of the accountability process. Weekly check-ins create accountability and only take little time.⁣⁣
You deserve time and energy dedicated to your goal. At the end of the day, you’re only hurting yourself if you’re skipping check ins.⁣⁣ We’re here to help.
When you miss check-ins, your coach isn’t getting the info on a consistent basis to make adjustments and keep you progressing.

As a coach, I definitely want to know what’s going on because chances are I’ve been there too and I want to be able to give you the tools to work through it. ⁣⁣
I want you to have a plan and a goal to work towards so that we can be effective with our time together.

It’s never perfect, but the clients who have the best success are the ones who have stuck with it through the ups and the downs. No guilt or shame.⁣⁣ I’m always here, on your team, and I want to see you succeed!⁣

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